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SARASOTA – Local leaders on both sides of the political aisle went door-to-door with campaign supporters to canvass several of Sarasota’s neighborhoods over the weekend.

The door-to-door campaign is intended to educate City of Sarasota voters about the charter amendment on the ballot.  This amendment, if approved change the date of the city elections in Sarasota to coincide with state, federal and county elections.

Proponents of the change say switching the date of the election from spring to fall will more than double voter turnout. Stats show a typical City of Sarasota election draws between 15 percent and 23 percent to determine who will represent the public at City Hall.

The shift to November elections could also raise voter turnout for the city’s minority residents. According to data from the Sarasota Supervisor of Elections, in fall elections, African American voter composition would more than double, Hispanic voter composition will almost triple, and voter composition among voters 29 and younger would also nearly triple.

More than a dozen groups have endorsed the change, including the Sarasota County Branch of the NAACP, Sarasota Chamber of Commerce, The Argus Foundation and Sarasota Police Officers Association.

City of Sarasota residents will get the chance to weigh in on this charter amendment as part of their ballot for the November 6 midterm election.


Link to SNN article and video clip can be found here.